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Tiny Fighter


Indie, Pop




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Therese Karlsson and Tim Spelman

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Indie-pop duo Tiny Fighter are releasing their debut single New Century. Meeting in Stockholm in 2017, this Australian/Swedish pair have quickly built a strong live reputation for mixing catchy indie-pop with darker themes and arrangements, led by the enigmatic Therese Karlsson. New Century was recorded in Los Angeles and Stockholm with Daniel Rejmer (Ben Frost, Foals, Girls Names) and extends on the more melodic moments from their previous work with bands such as Fire to the Stars and Mid-State Orange.

After relocating to Stockholm from Melbourne in 2016, Therese and Tim came together via some rather fortunate semi-random sampling (i.e. internet band forum) and quickly realised that where Tim was good at starting songs, Therese excelled at finishing them. Their single New Century describes the tension many experience between unfulfilled desire and resigning to one’s fate with a drive to take control of one’s destiny and make a difference. The title, New Century is meant to suggest reinvention, a personal reinvention – which whilst desirable is not always an easy or straightforward thing to do.

Accompanying the single is award winning directors Kyle V James & Mallori Taylor’s incredible video, short entirely on a 360-degree camera. The video extends on the lyrical theme of reinvention, using the 360-degree camera to distort or reimagine a range of natural and urban landscapes into dream-like exaggerations of their original selves: oceans turn to globes, whole forests morph into a single dandelion as a metaphor for the internal personal changes the song’s main protagonist so desires, but can’t quite seem to obtain. By pairing the music with such wild distortions of the everyday objects and landscapes the viewer is encouraged to look at their own everyday life in a different light and from a different angle – the truth may be right there in front of you, you just need to be more flexible with your interpretation.
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Album: New Century (Single)
Genre: Pop, Rock
Mood: Hopeful, Laid Back
Rights Controlled: Master and Publishing
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Album: New Century (Single)
Genre: Pop, Rock
Mood: Hopeful, Laid Back
Instrumental: Yes
Rights Controlled: Master and Publishing

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