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"Wise Music Group is an international family of music enthusiasts spreading the love of all things music across all arenas, from entertainment to education,
timeless classics to modern masterpieces."

As a music rightsholder, we:
. promote, pitch, negotiate and license music for synchronisation of musical works and, often, sound recordings;
. grant licences for grand rights, mechanical rights and printed copies and arrangements;
. hire out sheet music for live performances in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia (including China);
. identify talented composers and represent them and their songs globally;
. partner with other talented entrepreneurs to create opportunities for songwriters.

We are the Australian and New Zealand office of Wise Music Group, an established independent global music publisher. For details of our wholly
owned international offices, please see the International tab. We have sub-publishers in the other countries.

Please see our Contact | Team tab for our staff and contact details.  


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