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The Wise Music Creative team in Sydney handles all Synchronisation licensing activity for Wise Music Group catalogues in Australia & New Zealand.

If you would like to use a song from our vast catalogue to be “synched” with visuals such as a Feature Film, TV Production, Documentary, Video, Advertisement, Digital production etc., for any media use be it broadcast, exhibition, online communication, you will require an approval and a formal Licence Agreement. 

Please contact: Cathy Nelson-Williams – cathy.nelson-williams@wisemusic.com with full details of your request;
. specific information on the production -name & type of production;
. the intended duration;
. proposed use of the song;
. the territory; and
. the term you require.

Allow plenty of time to clear music for your production as we will need to provide you with a quotation and subsequently seek clearance from the owner of the musical work before you are able to use the requested track.  Additionally:
.  you will need to apply for clearances from the owner of the sound recording of the song; and
.  may also require further publishing approvals if we share ownership of the song with another publisher(s). 
We can help with any third party contact details if required.

In order to find the best music-fit for your production, you can:
.  search for tracks here by using our sophisticated Music Search facility; and
.  build your own playlists, collaborate and share them

If you would prefer the Wise Music Creative team to do the searching, please reach out for assistance by contacting:
.Cathy Nelson-Williams – cathy.nelson-williams@wisemusic.com; or
.Tony Phan – tony.phan@wisemusic.com,
with your briefs, song search requests or any creative requirements you have.  We will deliver customised playlists for your consideration.

We work closely with our writers and their representatives in addition to our experienced International Wise Music Creative staffers to ensure we are able to provide the Film & TV production sector with a customised & creatively specialised service that provides music users with music that fits brief and budget. 

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